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Volume 50 (1995), 5


(Original title: Fenomenológia v „Čase a narácii“ Paula Ricouera)
Filozofia, 50 (1995), 5, 259-265.

The main hypothesis of Ricoeur’s three-volumes work is: the mind embodied in every narrative configuration comes to its fulfillment in re-figuration of the experience of time. Without the explanation of phenomenology, however, the hypothesis would be unconceivable. More precisely, the re-figuration problem is based on the aporetic temporality, which, from the time… Read more

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(Original title: Dejinné vykročenie Kantovej morálky)
Filozofia, 50 (1995), 5, 266-273.

The first part of the paper reconsiders Kant’s ideas on enlightenment, on French revolution, as well as the progress of humanity and its moral justification. In the next part the civil society is analysed along with its basic principles (liberty, equality, independence). This step is interpreted as passing from moral-practical reason to legal-practical reason in… Read more

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(Original title: Etika vztahu ke zvířatům)
Filozofia, 50 (1995), 5, 274-283.

The paper offers a critical surway of anthropological, biocentric and pathocentric ethical conceptions of „animal rights“ and of so called „silent agreement“, showing their manin consequences for our practical relation to animals. The author concentrates on moral values conflicts implied in the protection of animals as well as on continuing controversy between the… Read more

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Reflections - Essays

(Original title: Úvaha o filosofii a počítačích)
Filozofia, 50 (1995), 5, 284-289.
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(Original title: „Ópium je náboženstvom ľudu“)
Filozofia, 50 (1995), 5, 290-300.
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(Original title: Reč o Bohu zoči-voči utrpeniu sveta)
Filozofia, 50 (1995), 5, 301-308.
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(Original title: Niekoľko poznámok k štúdii M. Dragulu „Ópium je náboženstvom ľudu“)
Filozofia, 50 (1995), 5, 308-309.
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Elementa Philosophiae - Philosophy for Schools

(Original title: Človek hľadajúci seba v situácii existenciálnej núdze nevyliečiteľného ochorenia)
Filozofia, 50 (1995), 5, 310-312.
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(Original title: O nových filozofických časopisoch v Rusku)
Filozofia, 50 (1995), 5, 313-315.
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(Original title: Škola pre židovské štúdiá)
Filozofia, 50 (1995), 5, 315-316.
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(Original title: Dějiny moderní historiografie (Vyd. W. Küttler, J. Rüsen, E. Schulin))
Filozofia, 50 (1995), 5, 317-319.
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(Original title: Významný príspevok k štúdiu ekoetiky (M. M. Bonenberg))
Filozofia, 50 (1995), 5, 319-321.
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