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Volume 49 (1994), 11


(Original title: Videnie a poznanie)
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 11, 681-695.

The author conceives the relationship between philosophy and neurophysiology on the background of the latest empirical researches in cognitive processes. On his view the reconsideration of the basic concepts, by means of which the human cognitive attitude to the world is articulated by philosophers, is desirable and necessary.

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(Original title: „Duch v stroji“)
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 11, 697-704.

The paper is an introduction to the analysis of Dennett’s philosophy of mind. The basis of Dennett’s explanatory model of consciousnes is examined, namely his criticism of Descartian noetic thesis, according to which a thinking person as res cogitans is not identical with the brain. Instead of that an ontological identity of concsiousness (mind) and brain is… Read more

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(Original title: D-N model a vedecký zákon podstaty)
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 11, 705-713.

The paper is a continuation of an earlier one [4]. The author examines G. C. Hempel’s approach to the idealizations embodied in scientific laws. The structure of theoretical causal (non-Humean) law is reconsidered along with the procedure based on it. In the last part of the paper the role of deductivenomological explanation in science is determined.

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Reflections - Essays

(Original title: De nova societate. Niekoľko poznámok k spoločenskej teórii Ericha Fromma)
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 11, 714-718.
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(Original title: Osud filozofa alebo pasce viery. VII. Uväznené myslenie. H. Odvrátenie)
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 11, 719-725.
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(Original title: Itinerárium a osud filozofa. Rozhovor s prof. J.-T. Desantim)
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 11, 726-737.
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In Memory of Karl R. Popper

(Original title: Tolerancia a princíp falzifikácie)
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 11, 738-741.
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(Original title: Popper a Lorenz)
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 11, 742-745.
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(Original title: Motív otevřenosti u Poppera)
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 11, 745.
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(Original title: Angažovanosť - osud filozofa? (J.-T. Desanti))
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 11, 746-750.
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(Original title: Konflikt prírody a kultúry (J. Šmajs))
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 11, 751-752.
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(Original title: Za Philipporn Soulezom (1943-1994))
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 11, 753-754.
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