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Volume 49 (1994), 5


(Original title: Sociálne dilemy a konflikty)
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 5, 273-282.

The paper presents the analytical approach to social conflicts, introduced into the western social thought first of all by the theory of games. This approach differs strongly from the traditional one, which has been significant for social reasoning and social activity in our millieu up to now. Conflicts and cooperation are discussed in the context of strategic… Read more

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(Original title: Tematizácia lásky vo filozofii)
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 5, 283-291.

The paper is an attempt to approach love historically from the point of view of alternative natural law theories. Attention is paid to the most important thinkers, who postulated love as an inherent part of their ontological views (Plato, Augustine, Ebreo, De Sade, Schopenhauer) as well as to how the conceptions of love and the basic rules of traditional or modem… Read more

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(Original title: Podstata a význam praktické etiky)
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 5, 292-295.

The difference of applied and general ethics is given by following reasons: applied ethics is less universal, it takes to a greater extent into account the concretness of situation, it is more exact, its basic concepts can be directly confronted with the moral experience, it can draw on results of special scientific disciplines, it is closer to praxis, it… Read more

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Philosophy and Theology

(Original title: Dráma kresťanstva v európskej kultúre)
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 5, 296-306.
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(Original title: Heslo pre encyklopédiu Britannica)
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 5, 307-321.
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Elementa Philosophiae - Philosophy for Schools

(Original title: K pojmu prírody)
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 5, 322-328.
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(Original title: Valné zhromaždenie Slovenského filozofického združenia)
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 5, 329-330.
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(Original title: Činnosť Východoslovenskej odbočky Slovenského filozofického združenia)
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 5, 331.
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(Original title: Filozofia na nových cestách (E. Coreth, P. Ehlen, G. Haeffner, F. Ricken))
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 5, 332-333.
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(Original title: Aktuálne o Fichtem (zborník materiálov))
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 5, 334-335.
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