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Volume 47 (1992), 9


(Original title: Niektoré problémy teilhardistického myslenia)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 9, 513-520.

The paper examins three problems of Teilhardian thought which on author’s view play the most important role: that of cosmic monism, panpsychism, and pantheism. Considering the first problem he explains the role of Teilhardian protoenergy in the evolutionary cosmogenesis and points out that the transcosmic intellectual reality created in noogenesis becomes the very… Read more

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(Original title: Feminizmus a/verzus postmodemizmus)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 9, 521-530.

There are several affinities between feminism and postmodernism: both aim at the criticism of the traditional science based on the Enlightment principles, but it is first of all the rejection of universalism and essencialism as well as breaking up with old paradigmes, what makes both streams similar. The feminist theory as a theory deriving from gender differences… Read more

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(Original title: Ján Amos Komenský a prírodná filozofia Jána Bayera)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 9, 531-539.

The paper deals with the influence of Komenský’s works in natural philosophy on professors of so called Prešov philosophical school, in particular on its most remarkable representative - Ján Bayer. The paper consists of three sections: in the first one the reception of Baconian ideas by Komenský and Bayer is examined; the second one compares the Descartian… Read more

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(Original title: Úlomky k zlomkom starých stoikov o logike II)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 9, 540-548.
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Ad Fontes

(Original title: Zdôvodnenie dobra. Mravná filozofia)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 9, 549-557.
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(Original title: Poznámky k jednej polemike)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 9, 558-559.
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(Original title: Hľadania a nachádzania. Rozhovor s prof. Silvestrom Šokom)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 9, 560-565.
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Scientific Life

(Original title: Medzinárodné sympózium o Kierkegaardovi)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 9, 566.
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What the Other Write

(Original title: Poznaňské štúdie z filozofie prírodných a spoločenských vied)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 9, 567-569.
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(Original title: Súhrnné dejiny novovekej scholastiky)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 9, 570-571.
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(Original title: Sborník o Masarykovi)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 9, 572-574.
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(Original title: Syntéza dejín ruskej filozofie)
Filozofia, 47 (1992), 9, 574-575.
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