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Volume 48 (1993), 9


(Original title: Filozofia, dejiny a veda)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 9, 537-545.

The contribution deals with a philosophically appealing, yet still underrescarched problem of the relation between Kant‘s philosophy of history and his transcendental philosophy. Its starting point is the comparison of Kant's The Idea of Universal History in Its Cosmopolitan Meaning with his first Critique. This approach shows a certain identity… Read more

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(Original title: Ľudská identita a hodnoty demokracie)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 9, 546-553.

The paper aims at the discrimination of two concepts of identity the identity of human beings and the identity of things. Attention is paid to the mysterious phenomenon of human spirit as a place where the universal determination is interrupted and where freedom enters the world. The comparison of scientific and antropocentric approaches reveals the reductionism… Read more

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(Original title: Úvod do náuky o národoch)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 9, 554-565.
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Reflections - Essays

(Original title: Logocentrizmus modemy a polyvalentnosť nových diskurzov)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 9, 566-568.
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(Original title: Bázeň pred životom)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 9, 569-571.
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(Original title: Filozofia na gymnáziách v Rakúsku. Rozhovor s prof. Mariou Fürstovou)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 9, 572-579.
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Elementa Philosophiae - Philosophy for Schools

(Original title: Filozofia je... filozofia II.)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 9, 580-588.
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Scientific Life

(Original title: Klub ekofilozofie)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 9, 589.
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(Original title: Analytická filozofia na kontinente)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 9, 590-592.
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(Original title: O štrukturalizme ad rem)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 9, 592-595.
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(Original title: Úvod do etiky (I. Hodovský))
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 9, 596.
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(Original title: Medzi filozofiou a vedou (Myseľ, telo, stroj))
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 9, 597-598.
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(Original title: Zabudnutý mysliteľ (V. Rozanov))
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 9, 598-599.
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In Memory of a Philosopher

(Original title: Gajo Petrovič - filozof v konflikte s mocou)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 9, 600.
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