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Kultúra a ľudské potreby

Filozofia, 34 (1979), 4, 415-429.
Typ článku: State - Filozofické otázky kultúry
In a historical view, culture in its diversity can be understood as a summary of answers — both successful and unsuccessful — to human needs, needs of personalities, groups of people that arise in the sphere of material being and in the sphere of their social consciousness. In each grade of development, the origin of a new need represented a further step in the development of human society, a new cultural deed. The level of cultural needs reflects at the same time the level of social development, the distance of man from the original animal state, but also of the state to which he has introduced himself and nature. As the way of satisfying every human need is one of social character and it is an expression of culture of a particular society, group, individual. Cultural needs are closely connected with creative human activity and this determines their universal character, their specific function and relation to all other human needs. Cultural needs must be understood and investigated as a significant motive moment of the lifetime human activity, they play the main role at the creation of the whole way of life, also in the sphere of creation and in the sphere of acquiring material and spiritual values. They play an important role at the forming of manysidedly developed man. This is why their forming just in the period of the developed socialist society is so substantially important.
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