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Filozofia, 34 (1979), 4, 377-391.
Typ článku: State - Kategórie marxisticko-leninskej filozofie
The author expounds the idea of the multi-level human cognition, of its transition to an always deeper level (substance) of reality. This idea is applied also to the question of the multilevel character of philosophical categories (he analyzes the question of the relation of general and special philosophical categories). From this point of view he investigates also the relation of philosophical categories and notions of special sciences. The explication of the idea lof multi-level knowledge, its notions and categories are investigated in the context with the evolution of scientific cognition in certain scientific branches. In connection with these questions the author analyzes the genesis of human cognition in which sensual-objective imaginations were at the beginning. In the further part the author passes to notional cognition and to the categories as „abstract objects“ of the highest grade of universality.
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