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Rekonštrukcia rozporného procesu v myšlienkovej praxi

Filozofia, 25 (1970), 2, 143-153.
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The starting point of the article is the current intuitive characteristic of the dialectical contradiction known from the work of the classics of Marxism-Leninism. It is an attempt to reconstruct the dialectical contradiction as a rational type of relation in the experiment on thinking or in the practice of thinking. In the first part empirical characteristics of the •contradiction are studied and the negative and positive formulations of the problem of its .knowing is analysed. In the second part the author deals with characteristics of the contradiction in essence of things, in their contingency. He seeks for an optimum construction of thinking of the so called inner contradiction upon which the interaction of systems and their selfdevelopment could be explained. The third and fourth parts try to show how the proposed construction can explain the interaction, the selfregulation, and selfnegation of systems. The author assumes the existence of the interaction of systems S; and Sj in a whole S that takes place through the reciprocal exchange of material elements xi and xj with mutually incommensurable (comlementary) characteristics A and B. His fundamental idea is that we can arrive at the explanation of the interaction between Si and Sj and of the seifdevelopment of a whole S through the theoretical analysis of characteristics and of relations of a mediating element x. He finds out that the essence of this element, in which the ambiguous character of relations between S and S is materialized, has the character of antinomy and is the relation of contradictory tendencies. Thereupon, he draws the concrete pattern of the relation R(xi, xj) and by it also the interaction between Si and Sj, the selfregulation and the self negation of S. Hence the category of the dialectical contradiction, in this way, is presented as a methodological tool to solve problems of knowledge of evolutionary processes.
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