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Kultúra a človek v spoločnosti

Filozofia, 34 (1979), 4, 430-442.
Typ článku: State - Filozofické otázky kultúry
The development of man as a summary of social relations is the contents proper of the development of culture. Also the negative experience of mankind in the progress of culture contains the development of culture. The devolopment of culture as a whole is identical with the development of man’s cultivation, with man’s humanization. The process of man’s cultivation is realized in the creative acquiring of his natural and social environment by human activity. The products of this activity, the values are parts of culture only as far as they are in interaction with man. The differentiation of culture in society is realized under the influence of division of labour and under that of social system. The differentiation of culture caused by division of labour need not lead inevitably to disintegration. Thus culture reacts very sensitively on changes of the social system. In. socialist society, within the cultural revolution, culture becomes a more and more significant factor of social changes, because it is all members of the society that become the subject of its development.
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