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Lenin a naše spory o ontológii a poznaní

Filozofia, 25 (1970), 3, 197-207.
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This article is a part of a more comprehensive essay on Lenin’s contribution to philosophy. In its introduction the author deals with the interpretation of Leninism, analyses briefly Lenin’s relation to Marx, defines contemporary Marxism, and points out the unity of Marxism — Leninism. The essay „Lenin and Issues on Ontology and Knowledge“ proceeds from a brief on line of Lenin’s philosophy related to the socio- political situation at the end of the 19th century and at the begining of the 20th century. The author concentrates on the problem of analysing Lenin’s ontology ■and epistemology (in the work „Materialism and Empirical Criticism“). Ne emphasises Lenin’s consistent uncompromising conception of human history as a „natural-historical process“. Lenin’s solution of the object-subject problem (matter’s primary over consiousness) is a prolegomena and a theoretico-methodological starting point for all future interpretation of matter and of its motion. Though man’s activity and man’s selfrealisation enter into the objective reality it does not change the fact that matter is of primary reality. Neither new discoveries in natural science nor conclusions from the analysis of „scientific language“ disproved Marxistic „ontology of substance“. Lenin, fighting the attempts to revise Marxism, has regained for Marxism its „core“, essence, authencity, vitality, and conclusivness. The author concludes his explanation with an analysis of Lenin’s conception of the materialistic dialectic and finally embhasises that the philosophical work of Lenin, his socially revolutionary theory and his work as a revolutionary constitute an indivisible whole.
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