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Volume 56 (2001), 4


(Original title: Personálny fenomén v postmodernej mnohosti)
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 4, 219-225.

The paper aims at the explanation of the author´s personalistic-evolutionary ontology by means of postmodern philosophy. This philosophy brought him to a binary understanding of reality as the reality in the frame of the ontological structure on one hand and the reality transcending this frame on the other hand. The paper also gives an outline of the methodology… Read more

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(Original title: Koncepcia súčasnej realistickej metafyziky)
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 4, 226-240.

The contemporary conception of metaphysics is represented by Lublin philosophical school with its leading representative Mieczyslav A. Krapiec. Metaphysics as the most universal autonomous science has its specific object: the reality, i. e. the real things. The first task of the methaphysics is the determination of its object. Its method should not be derived… Read more

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(Original title: O "bezprostrednosti" referencie v Skúmaniach)
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 4, 241-253.

The paper deals with later Wittgensteinś criticism of his own early conception of ostensive definitions as well as with his criticism of general presuppositions, on which his early position was based. It was inadequate, he said, because it presupposed that language has only one function, namely, to state facts. Later Wittgenstein emphasized that there are many… Read more

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(Original title: K filozofii dejín O. Spenglera a A. J. Toynbeeho)
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 4, 254-258.
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(Original title: B. F. Skinner: Za a proti slobode a dôstojnosti človeka)
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 4, 259-265.
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(Original title: Dedičstvo a rozklad)
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 4, 266-275.
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(Original title: Inkvizičný rozsudok nad Gödelom?)
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 4, 276-281.
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Scientific Life

(Original title: O interpretácii z pohľadu filozofie jazyka)
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 4, 282-283.
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(Original title: Filozofické reflexie estetiky Michala Greguša (J. Sošková))
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 4, 284-285.
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(Original title: Výzva existencializmu (J. Novozámská))
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 4, 286-288.
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(Original title: Logika pre študentov humanitných odborov (P. Sousedík))
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 4, 288-289.
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