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K problému noriem a normativity: Základné koncepcie a otázky

Filozofia, 63 (2008), 5, 386-396.
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The paper presents the problem of norms and normativity in its broad scope and relevance for philosophy and social theory. In section one, the author provides a brief outline of his topic as present in the history of philosophy. Section two deals with a variety of approaches towards defining the concept of norms. Section three is devoted to the concept of social norms. Social norms are social representations (and social facts) comprising both mental and behavioral attributes such as beliefs of „ougthness“ to act in a certain way, consciousness of risk of exclusion in case of failure to act in a given way, real social obligations and conformity, etc. In conclusion, the author points to the topicality of the questions arising with respect to norms in the contemporary social context and practice.

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Norm, Normativity, Social norms, „Normocracy“, Social theory, Modernity, Social regulation

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