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Súčasná luteránska teológia na Slovensku

Filozofia, 53 (1998), 6, 337-349.
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The philosophical problematic and philosophical influence is inherent in writings of many professors of Slovak Lutheran Theological Faculty of Bratislava - especially in those of I. Kišš and P. Gažík. I. Kišš is influenced by platonism (through Luther): the terrestrial Good is a reflection of God's idea of Goodness, which has been continually approached by humans; there is an innate moral law in humans, which as a model dominates the historically determined morals. P. Gažík, a K. Nandrásky's follower, focuses on the anthropocentric and humanistic turn in modem metaphysics and on its subjectivistic consequences. On the top of its hierarchy The God was replaced in Nietzsche's philosophy by man. Theocentrism has been replaced by anthropocentrism, what has led to the loss of man's absolute moral standard and to its replacement by a relative one.

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