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Teoreticko-metodologická východiska zkoumání procesu formování socialistického vědomí

Filozofia, 39 (1984), 1, 11-21.
Typ článku: State - K metodologickým a metodickým otázkam skúmania spoločenského vedomia
The author starts from the scientific Marxist-Leninist conception of consciousness [consciousness as an active reflexion), he underlines the social determination and function of consciousness and analyzes some theoretical-methodological problems of cognizing and forming the socialist social consciousness. He makes difference between the „state of consciousness“ as a relatively stable structure of constitutive components of social consciousness and the „actual consciousness“ which is characterized by more changing and contradictory components. He analyzes the dialectics of the individual, group and social consciousness and outlines the structure and range of action of individuals and social groups (ideas, values, norms, attitudes). In the end of the study the author formulates criteria for the evaluation of the level and state of the socialist social consciousness.
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