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Niektoré problémy synonymity jazykových výrazov

Filozofia, 25 (1970), 5, 430-442.
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This paper has a continuity with the work (3) (see the bibliography of the article) in whicb various definitions of synonymy are constructed that are based upon the concept of the extentional izomorphy. There are here studied various intuitive requirements laid on the synonymy of expressions of language and analyzed the relations between the concepts of synonymy, meaning, and analyticity. The author points out that the definitions of synonymy are not the most convinient basis, considering content, for an adequate and intuitively acceptable delimitation of meaning and analyticity, as well as to the fact that the currently adopted views of the synonymy, meaning, and analyticity of expressions of language are sometimes accepted too uncritically though they have rather limited validity and applicability. In the last part the author deals with some formal characteristics of this relation of synonymy. He regards as the most important formal characteristics of this relation that of reflection, symetry, and transition. As the scheme of the definitions of synonymy in (3) can be, in some cases, a basis for a definition of synonymy that is not transitive a slight modification of this scheme is suggested as to secure even this characteristic. At the end. the author calls attention to a possibility of a similar construction of a whole range of definitions, of synonymy based on the concept of intentional izomorphy in the sense of Carnap (see 2, § 14X).
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