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O zdrojoch a povahe Leninovej filozofie

Filozofia, 25 (1970), 5, 402-412.
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From the very beginning of his revolutionary activity Lenin understands philosophy in Marx's spirit, foremost, as the most comprehensive theory and basis of the theoretico — practical activity of the revolutionary subject — proletariat under the leadership of communist party. That is why his philosophical creation is a significant part of his whole socioideological activity, that of a communist revolutionary, and therefore we may encounter his philosophy not only in his purely philosophical writings but almost in all his work, often in concrete methodological procedures or in rather marginal remarks. With this Lenin's conception is bound his wellknown conception and accentuation of classness, partiality of philosophy that is a prerequisite of the true scientific knowledge of social processes and as well as this conception is related to all his philosophical activity. There is a continuation of the development of Marx’s and Engel’s philosophy in Lenin’s philosophical work. His philosophy also defends and rehabilitates Marxism in the period when the theoretists of the second Internationale claim its decay. Lenin by his works, however, has contributed significantly to the further development of Marxist philosophy at all, especially: 1. to elaborate dialectic also as a theory of cognitive method; 2. to expand the dialectico-materialist conception of subject’s role in history. All Lenin's philosophical activity springs out of the need to elaborate a theor and method of knowledge of new social phenomena at the turn of centuries, especially related to coming of kapitalism into his imperialist phase and to the preparation of Russian socialist revolution, as well as from the imanent developmental requirements of Marxist philosophy itself. Explaining the meaning and function of revolutionary subject in socialist revolution and preparing the revolution, Lenin also formulated a number of economical, sociological, and politological conclusions by which he greatly contributed to the development of Marxism as a whole. A great merit of Lenin to the development of Marxist philosophy is also his rediscovery of meaning of Hegel’s work for Marxist philosophers of our time.
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