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Poznámky k logike otázok

Filozofia, 24 (1969), 5, 508-520.
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The purpose of the present paper is, above all, to make the reader acquainted with the problems of the logical analysis of questions. In the Srst part, two kinds of questions are analysed, viz. a) whether-questions, b) which-que.siions. In the other part of the study, possible comprehensions of semantically correctly put questions are analysed. Attention is drawn to the consequences which follow from the acceptance of certain criteria of semantically correctly put questions, and to the fact that by the acceptance of some of those criteria, some of the questions must be refused as semantically wrongly put, though we are willing to accept them intuitively as meaningful. These problems are not considered as sufficiently solved. As the starting point of the present paper, the author employed K. Ajdukiewicz’s a and J. Giedymin’s works and their approach to the analysis of questions. Besides, the purpose of this paper is to introduce a certian terminology. The author intends to solve many problems which have been outlined here, in further studies.
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