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Občianska sloboda a legitímnosť socialistickej moci

Filozofia, 21 (1966), 5, 461-475.
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As a result of the growing institutionalization, organization, planning and manipulation, inter-human relationships are being reinforced and are becoming more complicated and confused. The growth of the subjective factor in socialism multiplies even further this civilizing tendency. In his work the author ponders over the character the institutions, organizations and public functionaries should posses and the manner in which they ought to exercise and administer socialist power so as not to estrange themselves from the citizens and from their own humanizing, emancipating mission. The author sees the principal forms of preventing such an estrangement to reside in a consistent legitimacy of their activity and their goals in the interest of which they are called upon to discharge socialist power. The author points out the contents, function and creation of socialist legitimacy, its dynamic and open character. In this connection he stresses in particular the inevitable urgency of public criticism, its institutionalization and development. In a further section the author deals with the sovereignty of socialist legitimacy and the inadmissibility of prerogatives. He devotes the closing part to an analysis of the relationship between the legitimate and the personal component in institutions and organizations (particularly in departmental bodies) of socialist democracy and wells on the sovereignty of their legitimate component over the personal one.
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