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Otázky marxistickej filozofie, 20 (1965), 3, 241-253.
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The point of issue to this problem is the comprehension of the process of autodetermination of objective laws; by their internal dialectics the laws renew the conditions which were originally their starting point. The determiner becomes the determinated. We call these conditions the internal conditions of validity of a law, and we differentiate them from the external condition of the manifestation of a law. The motive force of an extended reproduction of immanent conditions of laws is the movement of the internal dialectical contradiction. The law is the form of movement of this contradiction in the essence of things. Objective laws are constant as related to the circumstances of their manifestation. Eventually, however, they are changing together with the changes taking place in their internal conditions. If there are given internal conditions of natural or social laws, man can do-nothing but act only on the external conditions of their manifestation. However, since the internal conditions of objective laws are subjected to renewal, man, being an intermediary of this reproduction, is able to control also the internal dialectics of these laws. The internal conditions of validity of social laws cannot be renewed otherwise than by the intermediary of subjectively-purposeful activity of man. By changing these conditions man will be able to achieve also changes of objective social laws (if such a change did objectively mature, and if people were able to exploit the lawfulness of such change). Even in pre-socialistic formations people were able to make use of natural and social forces, and to control their form of manifestation for the own purpose of man. In socialism and communism, however, man theoretically and practically controls also the internal dialectics of social laws, and dialectics cease to act against man as forces alienated from him. A really free realm of liberty can be founded only on this foundation.
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