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Informace a psychická činnost

Otázky marxistickej filozofie, 20 (1965), 2, 167-178.
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Human brain can be conceived as a specific transformation-channel. In brain activity external objects are being transformed into concepts, and concepts in their turn into language signs (i. e., physiological processes become processes of consciousness, and these are turned into processes of language). Psychical transformation can be examined on gnoseological, neurophysiological, psychological and linguistic levels. In this process of psychical transformation principles of totality-fission, type reduction, production of entropy, and limitation of capacity are becoming operative. In the transmission and transformation of information in the brain the Shannon formula can be applied for the capacity of information, flow of information, etc. Besides brain dynamics also brain structure can be subjected to investigation. Here the laws of the so-called semantic fields and of depth-psychology can be applied. Information of human brain increases in dependence on social development and time. The entire development can be understood as a growth of negentropy, or memory (in the wider sense of the word), and the laws of this growth can be expressed also mathematically.
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