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Kybernetické pojetí světa, člověka a myšlení

Otázky marxistickej filozofie, 19 (1964), 5, 453-462.
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1. Cybernetics and dialectics in nature.
The tendency to the growth of entropy and to the growth of negative entropy is one of the basical antinomies in nature. In natural procedures a disunion into an effective and a non-effective component takes place. Development requires disequlibirium, antagonism, redundance. An ideal system is not possible without contradiction and redundance.
2. Society, man.
Imperfection in praxis, deficiency of knowledge, deficient organization and management in society are the sources of contradiction, evil, suffering and empty redundance. Reality needs to be disencumbered of divergences, it is necessary to make it „reasonable“. Work, orderliness and information in society. The principle of management and the principle of contradiction in man, in its psychics and morals. The limitation of redundant elements in the life of society and of the individuum. Human society is unable to exist and to develop without antilogy and redundance.
3. Cognition, thought.
Antilogism in cognition originates from contradiction between subject and object. The motivating energy of the brain consists of a part transmitting information and a part which is non-effective. With increasing power of memory cerebral orderliness becomes established, and an economy in brain activity enters into function; there is an increase of the effective component. In language where brain waves transmitting psychical information are being coded, it is possible to determine by means of a harmonic analysis the semantic spectra of conceptions, and the effective and non-effective components of their cerebral foci.
4. Conclusion.
In nature, society and thinking a partition into a useful and a useless component takes place. With increasing development an increase in the useful part and a decrease in the useless one occurs. Cybernetics enable a further growth of orderliness and development. With the growth of cognition and praxis man becomes master over nature and over himself.
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