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V zápase za vedecký svetonázor (Teoretická činnosť Ladislava Szántóa po roku 1945)

Otázky marxistickej filozofie, 19 (1964), 2, 134-149.
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In the first years following our national liberation Ladislav Szántó dedicates himself mostly to organisátory work in the construction of our new society. He is very actively engaged in propagandists activity and carries out an important amount of work in publishing the classical works of Marxism-Leninism. Besiedes activities of this kind ne works also theoretically and is busy as publicist. His first works published after the liberation deal with theoretical problems of national and democratic revolution, further with the nationality problem, and with the illumination of the then existing substance and the new appearance of Slavism. At variance with other authors Szántó emphasizes the social essence of nationalist and democratic revolution in Czechoslovakia. Owing mostly to his profound philosophical knowledge Szántó already at that time pointed at the imperfections in socialistic praxis which had been left unconsidered in the social life in the period of the then strengthening dogmatism. In a serial of papers published under the title „At the sources of Marxist aestheticism“ he presents documents of the broad horizont of his theoretical interest and knowledge. In further papers Szántó criticizes philosophical idealism in natural science and positivism in sociology. In his recension of Lenin's work „Imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism“ Szántó takes a dialectical view on imperialism, and in antithesis to the simplifying characterization of imperialism as practized in the period of the personality cult he expounds that imperialism cannot be characterized solely by stagnation and putrefaction. In the years 1948 — 1954, too, Szántó represents an outstanding phenomenon in our philosophical life, due mostly to his genuine and pretentious solution of tasks in philosophy and ideology. In Szántó's entire activity we can see that it is founded on his profound knowledge of Marxian teaching as a whole and on his upbringing in Leninist philosophical tradition Among the most important works written during this period are to be mentioned: „The reflection of the general crisis of capitalism in present-day theoretical physics“, „Some imperfections of our propaganda of Marxism-Leninism“, „On the dialectical unity of the scientific and artistic image“, etc. These works have played an important role in the propagation and development of the Marxian view on the world in Slovakia. The newest theoretical deeds of L. Szántó are his works on the personality cult and Leninism. Ladislav Szántó is entitled to be given a honourable place in the development of Marxian philosophy in Czechoslovakia.
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