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Priekopník marxistickej filozofie (Teoretická a propagandistická činnosť Ladislava Szántóa za buržoáznej republiky)

Otázky marxistickej filozofie, 19 (1964), 2, 128-134.
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The paper is concerned with the theoretical activity of Ladislav S z á n t ó, a prominent Slovak marxistic philosopher, in the period between the wars (1918 — 1938). Szántó became acquainted with the ideas of Marxism-Leninism when he was a prisoner of war in Russia (he was taken prisoner in 1915), and later during the Great Socialist October Revolution in which he was actively participating; at home (after 1921) he was one of the first to fight for, the vindication of the Leninist principle according to which, practical revolutionary activity of the Communist Party must be established on a strong fundament of Marxian revolutionary theory, first of all on the tenets of Marxian philosophy, its dialectical method. His works have been published in party papers and in progressive revolutionary periodicals (Dav, Šíp, etc.). Great part of his attention was given to problems of the Marxist dialectical method, gnoseology, historical materialism; nor did methodological questions of the special sciences escape his attention.
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