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Sociálne vylúčenie z pohľadu normatívnej teórie

Filozofia, 68 (2013), 7, 595-605.
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The social exclusion is inseparable from considering a legitimate social order or social coherence. The paper tries to shed more light on the idea of social exclusion. Its focus is on the theoretical tension inherent in it as well as on the current ways of approaching social exclusion which underline the normative perspective. Contrary to the conceptions interpreting social exclusion as the problem of unequal opportunities as well as conceptions considering social exclusion as undesirable, their argumentation being utilitarist or welfarist, the paper wants to define social conditions in which persons are approached with equal respect regardless to their place in the social structure in question.

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Equality, Free choice, Integration, Justice, Poverty, Social exclusion

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