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Heideggerova koncepcia vedy

Filozofia, 50 (1995), 9, 479-487.
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Heidegger's discussion of science holds to the general line of his thinking. His transition from the existential analysis to the discussion of Being reflects also upon his conception of science. Originally Heidegger examined science as one option of Dasein and his interest was in existential sources of the scientific approach to reality. Later, when he focuses rather on „Being“ itself and not on „Dasein“, he becomes to pay attantion to world-historical frames, within which the Western man interprets, explains himself - practically, as well as theoretically, by his activities, as well as by his passivity. The dominance of science as an institution and its close relation to technology become one of the most important symptoms of our times and as such they symbolize our „being left alone by Being“.

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