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Ideológia, moc a idea poriadku

Filozofia, 45 (1990), 4, 407-417.
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In the paper the idea of social order which was brought in social philosophy by Hobbes is discussed. The problems of order, its various interpretation (e.g. functionalism, the theory of alternation, of symbolic interaction, the theory of conflict) are analyzed and examined with accent on the institutional aspect of social integration (order). In this perspective the analysis of ideology, the definition of its notion, the history of its understanding is carried out. In view to ideology as important mechanism of social control its indissoluble unity with political power is considered. Based upon the criticism of Marxist-Leninist ideological understanding of ideology, the apologetic rigid and confrontational character of each authoritarian ideology is stressed whose innermost substance it is to express interests and so far its function is concerned – to preserve the given political and authoritative structure.

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