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Intuitívny realizmus a jeho kritika v prácach Igora Hrušovského a Stanislava Felbera

Filozofia, 39 (1984), 4, 431-444.
Typ článku: State - Z výskumu dejín filozofického myslenia na Slovensku
In the paper a critical reaction against the spreading of the idealist school — intuitive realism — in the Slovak philosophy of the forties is analyzed. It is mostly a critical response of progressively oriented philosophers — I. Hrušovský and S. Felber — to the Works and Papers of N. 0. Losskij and his Slovak followers — J. Dieška, P. Gula, M. Chladný-Hanoš. The author of the paper evaluates their polemics with the ideas of intuitive realism critically and she tries to see organically even their inconsistencies and shortcomings which were due to the successive ideologic ripening of both thinkers. She concludes: The criticism of intuitive realism by Hrušovský and Felber was effective. Hrušovský brought in it arguments against the intuitivist position of cognizing the world by immediate insight. He criticized intuitive realism in solving epistemologie questions and in finding scientifically more grounded solutions. Felber, on the other hand, showed inner contradictions and inconsictencies of the philosophy of intuitive realism, he proved the illogicality of the intuitivist conception and revealed its mystical character. Both approaches complemented one another and were fully justified in those days. They showed the scientific failure of this philosophy, the unjustification of its propagating in Slovakia and they demonstrated the advantages of the materialist approach.
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