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S novou iniciatívou a progresívnym riešením úloh v ústrety XV. zjazdu KSČ

Filozofia, 31 (1976), 1, 3-18.
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The paper analyzes the topical problems and formulates the basic tasks of social sciences in connection with the preparation of the 15th congress of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. The fact that science has become a more and more important factor of not only the technical, but also of the social progress brings about qualitatively new demands for the development of science itself, of its control, namely of its planning and organization; what comes to the foreground are the demands for the elucidation of long-term trends and plans of the development of science, the increase of effectivity of scientific} research, the improvement of its quality and an elaboration of directions and forms of international scientific integration. The development of an advanced socialist society is lawfully connected with the growth of importance of social sciences as the scientific basis of the policy of Marxist-Leninist party; this fact stems from the tasks of social sciences in the study of the regularities of development of an advanced socialist society in the conditions of the scientific-technological revolution, from their tasks in the process of increasing the scientific level of the control of the society and in the process of forming the communist world outlook of the working people. On behalf of fulfilling these tasks it is inevitable that the principle of communist ideology, the Marxist-Leninist methodology and orientation towards the solution of the key problems of building-up an advanced socialist society should be consequently asserted and applied. An important place in the realization of the aims of revolutionary communist movement is reserved for the Marxist-Leninist philosophy. The main topical trends of philosophical investigation are connected with the urgent necessity of a versatile and deep analysis of generalization of the revolutionary processes of the contemporary epoch, with the increasing importance of the methodological and world outlook function of philosophy in the system of contemporary scientific knowledge, with its increasing importance as a theoretical element of spiritual culture of an advanced socialist society and as a means of ideo-ethical education of the new, socialist man.
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