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K jednej interpretácii marxistického pojmu slobody

Filozofia, 29 (1974), 1, 9-15.pdf.
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Many interpreters of the marxist notion of freedom take Engels’s, formulation about freedom as a recognized inevitability for the marxist definition of freedom. It escapes their attention that Engels, by means of this formulation, did not characterize his but Hegel’s conception of freedom. The author of the paper points out that the recognized inevitability still remains an inevitability, only it is an inevitability that has been recognized, and not freedom. The cognition of the inevitability that is realized in science is only one of the preconditions of real freedom and its extension for the man of today. It belongs to the sphere of inner freedom. The author further differentiates various types of objective inevitability with regard to man’s freedom andat the same time he separates a special kind of inevitability — the inner inevitability where also the want of man’s freedom belongs.
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