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K otázke ontologickéoho hľadiska v estetike

Filozofia, 26 (1971), 5, 498-505.
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The paper deals with the question whether it is right to narrow aesthetics only to the ontology of the objectively given artifact “in-itself“. It starts from the opinion that ontology and the ontological consciousness of the artifact do not comprise the whole qualitative and significant totality of the object of aesthetics that is realized and concretized in the contents of aesthetic perception, but only the abstract structural anatomic side of the model, which is, though, a more deeply penetrating, but in comparison with the concreteness of aesthetic perception a poorer reality and contents of consciousness. The ontological consciousness does not represent the fully valuable aesthetic consciousness of artifact — aesthetics cannot thus content itself with the mere ontology of artifact. The purely ontological aesthetics means narrowing aesthetics and its object. The paper is an extract from the study “Philosophical Problems of Aesthetics“ that contains the following chapters: 1. The basic philosophical problem of aesthetics. 2. To the question of the ontological point-of-view in aesthetics. 3. To the question of the phenomenological point-of-view in aesthetics. 4. Semantic problems of art. 5. Aesthetics of art. 6. Axiology of art. 7. Gnozeology of art. 8. Dialectics of art. 9. Conclusions and consequences.
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