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Leninova kritika subjektivizmu a objektivizmu

Filozofia, 25 (1970), 4, 309-318.
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Proceeding from an analysis of Lenin’s works the author points out to possible deficiencies of in the process of thinking that result in subjectivism or objectivism. Simultaneously he attempts to single out those particular aspects of Lenin's attitude towards the thought of Marx and Engels as well as that of his way of the analysis of reality that make it possible for him to overcome those failings of theoretical mind and thus to solve succesfully the problems of proletarian movement of that age as regards to the ends that were scientifically justified for this movement by Marx and Engels. As among other Lenin’s contemporaries- representatives of working movement it was, in fact, only Lenin who maniged succesfully, in theory as well as in practice, tasks of this movement therefore not only his direct contribution to the solution of philosophical problems (and if we compare his contribution with that of other representatives of working movement of that time we can say that it is also most comprehensive, dialectical, and philosophical) but also his attitude towards the thought of Marx and Engels as well as his method of analysis of social events is of great significance. And that not only for Marxist-Leninist philosophy.
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