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Filozofia, 22 (1967), 3, 263-273.
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The author gives his opinion on some interpretations of the category of social regularity, particularly on mechanistic conceptions of an objective regularity as a power, then on ne views according to which people can act in accord with a law or in no accord with it, by can respect or not respect an objective regularity. An opinion is extended that, for in stance, the governing authorities do not respect and employ sufficienly the regularities of the socialist economy, e. g„ the law of value. A philosophical and economic anylysis of some laws of politic economics as well as of one physical law, leads the author to a conclusion that the opinions mentioned are unjustified. He states, for instance, that the law of proportional division of the total amount of social labour works (is a form of determination) even when a disproportionality occurs, the physical law of movement along circular path holds regardless of whether or not a car upsets in a turning etc.; people cannot act „in accord or in no accord with a regularity“ of their activity but in accord or in no accord with their aims. The statistical aspect of a regularity, a tendency, is sometimes interpreted as if social regularities worked only „approximately“. Analysing the law of decrement of gains rate, the author shows this regularity to have a statistical and dynamic aspect, and shows that which holds for the statistical aspect of regularity (tendency) does not hold for the social regularity itself, for its dynamic aspect which expresses „the relationbetween substances“.
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