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Marxizmus a kresťanstvo v kontaktoch a súperení

Filozofia, 21 (1966), 3, 295-304.
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The idea of contacts with the masses of believers has been an integral part of the policy of marxist parties ever since the last century. After World War II, practical contacts with, the revolutionary forces, in particular with those from the socialist countries, were developed also by some representatives of Christianity who have actually become the bearers of efforts for the rehabilitation of Christianity and a philosophico-ethical ovrcoming of marxism. The moment of the socio-political contacts of innovatory Christianity and marxism is thus objectively linked up with the moment of their further ideological contest. The content of this rivalry is the question of the potentiality and values of ideology in forming modern man and satisfying the special needs of his spiritual life. Christianity, leaning on certain objective factors in the capitalist and the socialist world, comes out with its own alternative of a spiritual life and orientation of man. Along with the revolutionary change of living conditions, marxism must in the ideological contest with these efforts, lay stress on man’s individual activity. In this sense, marxism today offers, as the main positive value of the self-cognition of man and a cosequential earthly motivation of his strength and ideals, “a positive humanism, beginning with his own self“ (Marx). By the measure of this self-cognition, by the manner of motivated action and responsibility, marxist solution overcomes the Christian project of man and the solution of his principal spiritual problems.
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