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Ethics Subordinated To the Positive Law, and Hegel’s Conception of Life

(Original title: Podřízení etiky pozitivnímu právu, obojakost a život podie Hegla)
Filozofia, 49 (1994), 8, 501-510.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Czech

The idea of the paper is, that in the past the positive law often has been applied independent of moral standards - and further, that the conception of law independent of morals, which failed in legitimizing totalitarian orders, is wrong. The ideology of "innocent" infamy articulated by Hegel by means of patterns of successful life at all costs is examined as well. Hegel himself has got into a collision: he speaks of morals (moral power) as something eternal and unbreakable, nevertheless, such a statement has no real basis, for the possibility of morals involves the existence of God. Hegel, on the contrary, knows nothing about such a God and for him the death of material body means the death of man as such.

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