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The Concept „Social Integration“

(Original title: K pojmu sociálna integrácia)
Filozofia, 40 (1985), 3, 271-284.
Type of work: Papers - Problems of the Formation of Socialist Personality and Socialist Way of Life
Publication language: Slovak

Intensive integrative processes in various fields of human society in the period of scientific-technological revolution in both the socialist society and the state monopoly capitalism bring about that the concept „social integration“ assumed world outlook character. Philosophic analysis of social and biotic processes will result in incorporating of the notions „differentiation“ and „integration“ in the system of categories of materialist dialectics.

The author elucidates the concept „social integration“ in connection with the category „dialectical contradiction“ and within the framework of dialectical-materialist conception of social development. Each type of production, each social-economic formation is typical of specific factors and processes of differentiation and integration. Contemporary international integration processes run on the basis of intensification of the social division of labour, they are determined by the international character of productive forces which are formed as productive forces of scientific-technological revolution. Their international character is mediated through internationalization of productive relations. While the capitalist international economic integration is dominated by the principal law of the jnotion of the capitalist type of production, socialist integration again by its own imanent laws.

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