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Time, Space and Art

(Original title: Čas, priestor a umenie)
Filozofia, 34 (1979), 1, 26-36.
Type of work: Papers - Philosophical Questions of Culture and Art
Publication language: Slovak
Time and space are forms of being of things, phenomena and processes, of man and reality in their mutual determination. This is why not even artistic creation is filling an empty time and space, but it is objective, it is the shaping of their objectivity, of being, its nature is that of „determination” and „institution“ of man and reality in their mutual shaping and re-forming relation. The aesthetic acquirement of time and space in artistic creation is their aesthetic and ideological human importance that Is realized by means of forming their objectivity. The subject-matter of their objectivity is the subject-matter of artistic forming of time and space, the being that is transformed into higher values of historical and social advancement of man. It is in this objectivity that we ought to look for the substance and development of the compositional organization of time and space in artistic creation.
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