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The Concept of the Structurality of Matery in Modern Physics

(Original title: Ku koncepcii štruktúrnosti hmoty v modernej fyzike)
Otázky marxistickej filozofie, 20 (1965), 5, 447-458.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
In the first part of thq study, entitled „Material structure and the development of the physical concepts of mass, energy and movement“ the author points out that the discovery of the laws of Einstein and Planck allowed a deeper dialectical interpretation of these concepts. It is not any more possible to connect them with the classical notion of material structure which in many fields of physics has made mechanical differentiation between bodies and their environmental medium. The overcoming of this absolutized boundary in modern physics has also the meaning that structurality is understood also in further regions in a more dialectical way, as being relatively conditional. Structure begins now to be connected not only with the stabile forms of the manifestation of matery but also with movement in its settled forms. The unity of continuity and discontinuity, the interference both with structurality and its creation applies both to the forms of the manifestation of matery and to the forms of material movement. The concepts of modern physics such as mass, energy and movement express the unity of continuity and discontinuity. Their more general interpretation requires them to lean on the philosophical theory of matery. In the second part of the study, entitled „The concept of matery and the interpretation of its structurality“ the author argues that the dialectico-materialistic comprehension of matery is fully adequate to the contemporary discoveries of science in the research of material structure. It is revealed that in the relative stabilization of structure we can grasp also the relatively stabilized forms of material movement, and from the relatively stabilized forms of materia! movement we can derive judgments on the reciprocal relationship and changeability of structures. The history of Marxian philosophy demonstrates that in investigating into structure it always endeavoured to attain the dialectical comprehension of stability and changeability. The concept of structure, as being only relatively stabile and changeable, is part of the Marxian theory of matery.
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