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Kierkegaardův politický význam

Filozofia, 77 (2022), 8, 641 - 654.
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The paper explores Kierkegaardʼs involvement in politics. The Danish thinker offers a very peculiar and sophisticated path to Christianity for individuals. For him, ethical and religious, especially Christian strivings of an individual, is of utmost importance. Politics, on the other hand, should remain a limited domain of finite problems and practical solutions. Kierkegaard finally suggested radical institutional changes against mesalliance of the state and the church that should have opened the way for a free choice of Christian faith as a commitment. The overall spectrum of Kierkegaardʼs suggestions and virtues does not shape a coherent policy agenda, nevertheless the author offers beneficial incentives to politicians and politics. Kierkegaard's original thinking, his artistic, intellectual, and spiritual legacy, despite its shortcomings, radiates a powerful appeal and shows rather an indirect political impact.

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Subjective thinker, Leap, Relativity of scholarship and politics, Absoluteness of the ethical and the religious, The life of love, Free choice of faith, Incompatibility of Christianity with worldly powers, Virtues applicable to politics, New intel

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