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Descartes and Montaigne on Divine Power and Human Reason

Filozofia, 76 (2021), 2, 137 – 150.
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This article aims to analyze the philosophical relationship between Descartes and Montaigne on divine power and human reason. Within Cartesian historiography, a relationship was usually established between Descartes and Montaigne to cast more light on the originality of the approach that Descartes introduced to the philosophical scene. On the contrary, the main goal of this article is to show how Descartes’ theory of eternal truths positively incorporated and preserved some aspects of Montaigne’s reflection on divine power. Were this the case, the historiographical interpretation that tends to establish a link between the two authors in order to separate Descartes from Montaigne would at least need to be integrated. This does not mean denying the originality of Cartesian approach, but more broadly defining the context in which Descartes voices his opinion.

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Descartes, Divine power, History of early modern philosophy, Human reason, Montaigne

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