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Fiktívne postavy ako cudzie indivíduá

Filozofia, 74 (2019), 8, 663-668.
Typ článku: Diskusie - polemiky

The metaphysical nature of fictional characters is a matter of extensive philosophical debate. The related positions come in various flavours and are accom- panied by more or less controversial analyses. Possible worlds, or possibilia, are a matter of equally extensive debate, and (controversial) theories about their nature abound. I present an approach to fictional characters which takes advantage of an already-developed approach to so-called alien individuals. I argue that fictional characters and alien individuals instantiate the same properties and they should receive the same analysis. First, I present the theory of linguistic ersatzism. Second, I point out the limitations of the theory. Third, I present the so-called ersatz pluriverse hypothesis, which squares linguistic ersatzism with the possibility of distinct alien individuals. Fourth, I generalise the argument.

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cudzie indivíduá, fikcia, fiktívne postavy, modalita, nemožnosť

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