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The Loving Creativity of Law. An Essay on Paul Ricœur’s Hermeneutical Ethics

Filozofia, 72 (2017), 3, 204-214.
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I intend to show how, in Ricoeur’s work, the idea of Justice plays a central role in the semantical displacements concerning theological, political, anthropological, ethical and metaphysical discourses. In order to fulfill this task, I will examine closely the bond between Justice and Law, Justice being an operational concept that is effective only in the writing of the Law. At the same time, Law intends to reach the margins of the political by the exigence of Justice. However, only the dialectic between Love and Justice will open Law definitely to the Other, in order to aim eschatologically towards a state of peace.

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Ethics, Justice, Love, Politics, Ricœur, Theology

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