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Ľudská duša a mimoľudský intelekt

Filozofia, 69 (2014), 7, 613-622.
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In the contribution two Plotinus ́ treatises are scrutinized in order to unveil the possible self-giveness of soul on one side and intellect on the other. Plotinus ́ concept of soul borders on the definition of a human being (whose constitution depends on the soul descending into him), while the intellect is divine, non-human. In Plotinus self-giveness means self-knowledge, self-reflection or self-awareness. The question is, whether self-knowledge as the highest knowledge is related to the soul, or to the intellect alone. Even though the author outlines what could be regarded as the self- knowledge of soul, he questions the independent existence of this self of soul. Soul is not self-given in knowledge, it is rather self-given by intellect. This, strangely enough, corresponds with M. Henry’s conception of the relationship between the Self (i.e. soul in Plotinus) and Life (i.e. Intellect in Plotinus).

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Cogito, Contemplation, Intellect, Plotinus, Self-reflection, Soul, Virtue

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