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Návrat psychologizmu: Pandorina skrinka, alebo nové inšpirácie pre filozofiu?

Filozofia, 65 (2010), 8, 738-749.
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The paper deals with the historical and systematic aspects of psychologism. The historical aspect is examined on the background of the rise of psychology as an independent science. The systematic-analytical aspect, on the other hand, is seen as connected with normativity and the empirical contingency of facts. These issues are analyzed with regard to the so called Psychologismusstreit in German post-Kantian philosophy. The comeback of psychology is rendered as related to the project of naturalized epistemology. The paper also points out to the challenges, which philosophy faces due to the claims of cognitivism.

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Psychologismusstreit in post-Kantian philosophy, Psychology and philosophy, Systematic and analytic aspects of psychologism, The comeback of psychologism, Perspectives on cognitivism, M. Kusch, M. Rath, G. Canguilhem

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