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Klasická konfuciánska filozofia - špecifický svetonázorový model tzv. „živej etiky“, zdôrazňujúci funkciu človeka v zabezpečovaní princípu stredu

Filozofia, 49 (1994), 6, 344-352.
Typ článku: Filozofia Východu

The paper is an attempt at a new philosophical interpretation of traditional Chinese Confucian ethics still unappropriated explained by the Western sinology as a traditional normative ethical system. Special conditions of the original Chinese philosophical development gave rise to a theory of Being, which in our modem terminology can be referred to as an ontological model of non-substantial dialectics of the fundamental yin-yang Energy of the Universe. This theory became the ground of the classical Chinese philosophical socio-anthropology and ethics. Its leading representative was the Confucian ethical philosophy with its original approach to the issues, which still can be a source of inspiration for modem research in this field.

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