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K otázke povahy pojmov v sociálnom a humanitnom poznaní

Filozofia, 77 (2022), 7, 491 - 509.
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The study investigates the problems of the nature of concepts in social sciences and humanities. It is based on Gallieʼs thesis that these are essentially contested concepts that immanently include a value aspect, which makes them different from the concepts of natural sciences. Based on the characteristics of such concepts and their exemplification (capital, culture, human nature, human dignity), their conative, normative aspect is emphasized, which makes them significantly different from the concepts of empirical natural sciences. The article explores the open texture of empirical concepts and outlines the role of fictions. The conclusion provides a critical reflection of the trend of naturalization of concepts and its consequences for this area of knowledge.

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Esentially contested concepts, Gallie, Criteria for esentially contested concepts, Cmorej, Materna, Concept as abstract structured objects, Concept in marxisms, Kant, Schütz, Weber, Piketty, Capital, Culture, Human nature, Human dignity, Rescher, Fiction

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