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K problematike obmedzení osobnej slobody jednotlivca v kontexte dejín vybraných autorov sociálneho liberalizmu

Filozofia, 76 (2021), 8, 624 - 635.
Typ článku: Úvahy - eseje

The problems of contemporary individualism, referring to the ideology of liberalism, can also be perceived through the current pandemic crisis. In civil and political society, we can see the phenomenon in which regulations of legal authorities are accepted by a certain part of the population with reluctance, not taking into account the fact that these authorities have a legitimate authority to implement them. Nevertheless, at certain moments we are confronted with views on the restriction of personal freedom. In this paper, we address the question of whether, in the context of the current crisis, personal freedom is not confused with Rousseau's concept of unlimited noble savage autonomy in its natural state. In the text, we aim to reflect on the possibilities and limits of legitimate authority to interfere in the personal freedom of the individual in the context of the liberal tradition. We chose the liberal framework of our work because it is precisely liberalism that is least open to interfering with the freedoms of individuality. If we confirmed the possibilities of such action of the state within the civil and political society, which is ideologically based on liberalism, while we consider it as the greatest protector of personal freedom, our hypothesis of the possibility of approaching of such actions of authorities would gain valuable arguments.

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Anarchy, Freedom, Human rights, Liberalism, Public good, Restriction

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