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The Philosopher against the Rhapsodist. Socrates and Ion as Characters in Plato’s Ion

Filozofia, 73 (2018), 2, 108-118.
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The critique of the poetry in Plato’s Ion unfolds in a clearly political context in which, in contrast to the old model of knowledge represented by poetry, Plato presents a new model, identified with philosophy, which questions the legitimacy of poets and rhapsodists as competent guides of the polis and citizens. In this critique, the characters and dramatic elements of dialogue are fundamental. Thus in Ion and Socrates the Athenian philosopher brings together all the characteristics that describe a real rhapsodist of that time as well as the philosophical activity of the historical Socrates.

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Enthousiasmós (divine inspiration), Ion, Plato, Poetry, Rhapsodist, Téchne (craft)

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