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Aktuálne výzvy skúmania tzv. rasovej otázky a rasizmu. K problému pádu starej paradigmy multikulturalizmu a patovému stavu v humanitných vedách v otázke argumentovania proti rasizmu

Filozofia, 70 (2015), 5, 378-397.
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This study deals with the problem of falling of so-called old paradigm, the paradigm of multiculturalism. Firstly, we turn our attention to the actual and, surprisingly enough, political rejection of multiculturalism. Recently, many European countries have faced various problems with their integration policies. Despite the large number of studies on the race, as well as a number of European and international documents and declarations against racism, a paradoxical phenomenon appeared: the concept of race was restored as a “scientific fact”. Although the word race was not explicitly mentioned, the concept of ethnicity offered extensive strategic support for so-called “backward groups”. Humanistic paradigm of legal equality has been replaced by the paradigm of ethnic or racial policies, i.e. policies of collective identity. As it turned out, these policies have failed. The goal of humanistic paradigm was to get rid of the word race ́s false scientific aura. Humanistic paradigm as a meta-paradigm has accepted the existence of biological differences among individuals and human populations, but there was no need to take them into account when defending its legitimacy or promoting its ideal. We assert that these problems stem from useless attempts at defending “scientifically” human equality which, however, is not based on scientific evidence, but rather on the ideal of universal equality built up on pillars such as the Christian heritage, western law, and values represented by the human beings’ capability of suffering.

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Equality, Equivalence, Humanity, IQ, Multiculturalism, Paradigm, Race, Racism

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