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Paul Ricœur ako metodológ dejín. Vo svetle diela Čas a rozprávanie

Filozofia, 68 (2013), 9, 752-765.
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First, the author argues that narration embodies the relationships of similarity (mimesis), namely between narration and lived time, between narration and the plot and between narration and the time of reading. Then he applies this structure to the history and historiography, which is more and more remote from narration. After a close analysis of the writings of the epistemologists of history of continental as well as Anglo-Saxon provenience (The school of annals, structuralism, analytic philosophy, phenomenology) he becomes convicted that history is still a narration though not based on a traditional plot, but on a quasi-plot.

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Contemporary philosophy, French philosophy, Methodology of history, P. Ricœur, Philosophy of history

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