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Apendix: Komédia a láska

Filozofia, 67 (2012), 8, 646-658.
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The article deals with the logic of comedy and its inherent connection with the “functioning” of love (or better “the love which does work”). The comical along with laughter is a Nietzschean theme par excellence; love, on its turn, the most “tangible” figure of duality. Here “two” does not represent a pair or two people; it is a figure which resolves the antinomy of desire (“willing”) and delight (Thing, Nothingness) by articulating them both on the same thematic background. Thus the core of Nietzsche’s theory of duality, is revealed, i.e. the truth and the real as a “montage” of two illusions. The latter is analyzed in the author’s book, which includes also the published chapter conceived as a separate appendix.

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Comedy, De/sublimation, Delight, Desire, Illusion, Jacques Lacan, Love, Minimal difference, Object, Philosophy of duality, Psychoanalysis, The real, Thing

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